I found a list from All About Beer Magazine online while I was looking for a place to eat in Portland, ME. The first one I went to was The Great Lost Bear. Soon after I took a trip to the midwest with my father to pick up a truck for our family business, along the way I used the list to find a few places to eat. Somewhere between then and now the list has become an important part of my life. The point isn’t the beer, it’s the travel. Like Tom Waits says “If it’s worth going it’s worth the ride.” Sometimes it’s the ride that makes it worth it. A lot of people say there are places that should be or shouldn’t be on the list, but they’re missing the point. Sure there might be better places in Munich to have a beer than the Hofbrau House, but if you make it to the Haufbrau House you’re having a beer in Munich – so you win.


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2 03 2011

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