30. The Olde Mitre Tavern, Ely Court, Hatton Garden, London, England

30 11 2016

img_4872Good thing for GPS. The Olde Mitre Tavern is down a little alley, and has been in operation since 1546. On approach I was a little nervous we wouldn’t get in, there were so many people drinking beer in the alleyway it was tough to find the door. Interestingly (and very London) the inside wasn’t that crowded. In a city with so little good weather, the locals were taking full advantage of a nice evening. We went inside and had some drinks and pub grub, a bad scotch egg and some equally disappointing pork rinds. The bartender warned us and we got what he said we would, and somehow it seemed appropriate. This is a place to stand and have a pint, and if you’re expecting different, you haven’t quite figured out the “pub” thing yet. My understanding is that the restaurant is quite good, but we were in the bar, which is a bar and not a restaurant. There was no chance of exploring the place, and we never even saw the dining room. The bathroom was a walk down a twisty alley crammed with people. All in all, it was awesome and I wouldn’t trade the experience. This is a proper pub, wood floors, leather chairs, hidden in an alley and populated with locals. Well worth a visit and I’ll return if I’m in London again.




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