14. The Market Porter, Stoney Street, London, England

30 11 2016

img_4911We woke up and went over to the Borough Market for breakfast. The market itself has been operating in the same place for over a thousand years, which really kind of puts things into perspective. The glass roof juxtaposes with thefeeling of age and tradition. Everywhere you look there’s something cool you want to eat, the vendors have giant stacks of bread or a big simmering pot of curry. There are meat pies, charcuterie, juice stalls, oysters, cheeses, pastries, etc. If you make it, come hungry because there’s something around every turn. London is known for being expensive, but the market seems like a deal.

We were at the Market Porter when they opened. I want to like English beer, and I spent the whole time in London trying to find one I would remember as good. I never had one. I’m a beer amateur. I like those cloudy double IPA’s you have to stand in line for. I like to collect styles of beer on my corny beer app, but mostly want them all to taste like slightly different versions of the same stuff. I had no luck in England and while The Market Porter has been around way too long for my opinion to matter, I wasn’t too excited. That being said, like many places on the list, the pub brought me to the market, and in many ways London, so it’s a win and worth a visit. img_4912




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