87. Deschutes Brewery & Publick House, Bend, OR

19 05 2014

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Next stop was Deschutes Brewery in Bend Oregon, just 18 miles away. We took the tour, tried the beers, bought things in the gift shop, and headed to the Deschutes Pub for food. Deschutes is the second largest consumer of full hops in the world, and they aren’t very big, so you’ve got some really flavorful beers. Well worth the stop and a much needed leg stretch. Good times for sure, and we got back on the road for Klamath Falls Oregon 137 miles south on 97.

Did I mention that I dumped my bike in the skatepark parking lot? If you know Scott, I probably don’t have to mention it because he probably already mentioned it for me, but it happened. Gravel ground and turned a little sharp at about 1 mile an hour. The front tire just slid out on the rocks and I fell over in slow motion. It’s moments like those, when some 1,000 pound obnoxiously oversized icon of American tough-guyness is falling over on top of you and you’re yelling for help, that you realize who your true friends are. I’m not naming names, but one of my companions laughed like a cackling wicked witch and the other helped me. Like I said, I’m not naming names, but on an unrelated note: thank you Adam for always being there for me, you’re my best friend.

Klamath Falls has no falls. There’s a lake on the outskirts that is pretty impressive, but otherwise it felt a little like a Texas border town, desolate and desperate. The hotel has taxidermy. I’m sure that my experience is slightly colored by the fact that I also lost my motorcycle keys somewhere here. I can still start it (so can anyone) but all my belongings are locked in the saddle bags. I currently own: cell phone (no charger), $100 sunglasses I bought in Bend (no case), one pair of pants, helmet, and a shirt, and things I bought at Rite Aid: socks, a shirt that doesn’t fit, deodorant, and a toothbrush. These items are being transported everywhere I go in a plastic bag. You would be shocked at how many #riteaidswag posts there are on insta. Also, I would never say “swag.” Scott repeated to me what I always say to him “it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.” He’s right, but losing your keys and falling off a motorcycle in a parking lot isn’t exactly as cool as say, being kidnapped by gypsies.

Moving on regardless, today we head south to Chico California to Sierra Nevada Brewery, and hopefully a locksmith.

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