60. Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA

19 05 2014

photo 1

Day Two
Woke up to a breakfast of yellowed eggs and home fries. The lobby of the hotel was part hunting lodge and part half way house for wayward travelers. There was some noise about inadequate seating for the elderly, and we chummed with Harley folk because you have to if you’re on one. Hit the road for Redding, and hopefully a locksmith around 8:30. 70 miles in we stopped for coffee in the worlds most annoyingly named town Weed, California. In the shadow of intense and due-to-erupt Mount Shasta, the place embarrassingly sells “I Love Weed” keychains, shot glasses, and t shirts, hats, and whatever else they can think of. A few lost stoner types were seen wandering around, undoubtedly disappointed in the Pacific Northwest badlands vibe and the clearly missing cult of stoners vibe. Onward to Redding where we found King Locksmith, who solved yesterday’s problem for $76.25. Like it never happened. We headed 142 miles for Chico and found Sierra Nevada Brewery. It was awesome. Had a salad and a beer at the restaurant and then took the tour. People in the Pacific Northwest celebrate sustainability like rappers celebrate money, and though I like both, they are equally annoying about it. They make beer with grain then fees it to the cows then eat the cows. Full circle bro. Ok, it’s less annoying than rappers. Sierra Nevada makes a lot more beer than the two we get on the east coast, and honestly it was kind of cool to see people so juiced on what they’re doing, making beer and recycling stuff. Cheers on you!

photo 3

We thought we’d try to make 90 miles Sacramento, and did. Skated a 45,000 square foot skatepark, which would have been more fun if we hadn’t spent nine hours in the saddle. Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow. Checked in at a horrible hotel and had dinner at a place called Stingers. If you are ever in Sacramento, don’t bother going to Stingers. Bought a Chosen One cd for $5 from the Chosen One while in line at the liquor store and called it at night.





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