36. McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel, Portland, OR

19 05 2014

photo 2

Day One
We spent the night at McMmenamins Kennedy School hotel in the Recess Room. McMenamins is an old school converted into a hotel, with seven bars and restaurants and a movie theater. It was perfect for us because the bikes were getting dropped off Thursday morning and we could just stay at the hotel and still have a good time. The halls are filled with really eclectic art, and the staff was super friendly. We enjoyed whiskey and cigars in one bar, Cajun tater tots and beer in another, and a cocktail at a third. In the morning we had breakfast in another restaurant and waited for the bikes to arrive.

Bikes got dropped off and we settled on who was driving what. Plenty of saddle bag space on these things. I think my first car had a smaller engine, and if you tipped one over you’d never be able to pick it up by yourself (more on that later). Leaving Portland Oregon our first stop was Redmond Oregon 143 miles away. The bikes are a little cumbersome in town, like driving one of those little kid battery powered cars that don’t corner very well on steroids, but they were awesome once we hit the highway. If you’d told me cruise control on a motorcycle was something I’d want I would have laughed, but I used it for sure. We drove over Mount Hood, and the forest air was an experience.  One cool thing about being on a bike is you can really feel where you are. Great views of snow capped mountains and rugged countryside kept the ride enjoyable as we settled into our new rides.

We skated a skatepark in Redmond, which was pretty fun and the warm weather was great. Adam and I fell around like old men and Scott fell around like a dentist who doesn’t skate. Fun little snake run and lots of little gems scattered all over the place. You’d definitely have more fun after a few trips there, but we’ve got places to go.

photo 1




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