29. Toronado, San Francisco, CA

19 05 2014

photo 1 copy

Day Three
No one was killed in their sleep so Adam and I got up and went over to the Granite Skatepark for a little wake and shred. Stopped at Starbucks and had the park pretty much to ourselves for an hour or so. Not bad. We took the worst drive of all time into SF, or as some people say, “Frisco.” 75 miles per hour on a five lane freeway in traffic and wind is even less exciting than it sounds. Good news is the main plan for the day was the epic climax of the trip: crossing into SF over the Golden Gate Bridge on motorcycles. It was a main selling point when I was talking the boys into coming with me, and it was to mark the mid point of the trip with a high point. I can remember telling Scott, “just think of how your friends back in Ohio will look at you when you post a photo of yourself driving across the GGB, head held high, on a Harley.” I was as surprised as anyone when we found ourselves driving across the Bay Bridge instead, with the Golden Gate in our peripheral vision to the right. So much for the climax… We found our way to Toronado, and enjoyed some Pliny The Elder, and then on to Maven, and a couple other places. I wish I had more to say about SF, but I don’t. We went to bed early and that was fine with everyone. Half way  through and half way done, we’ve all done “The City” thing a few times already. Tomorrow is the redwoods.

photo 2 copy




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