108. The Ghost Bar at the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

2 10 2012

I do not have the right temperament for Las Vegas. I don’t gamble and my idea of a good traveling experience is to have some unique experiences. Not really into the tourist trap stuff, but I can say with certainty that  Las Vegas is without a doubt the best tourist trap in the world. Everything there is over the top. We went to Vegas for a Glass show and had a good time. There is no shortage of things to look at or things to do, that’s for sure. We were invited by a vendor to a bar made completely out of ice, where we drank cocktails out of ice glasses and got harassed by a Jay Leno impersonator. Anyway, the Ghost Bar. We walked to the Ghost Bar – which is in the Palms, from our hotel – the MGM. Because of the ridiculous size of everything in Vegas, the two looked pretty close to each other – we could see the Palms from the strip like it was a block away, but was more like three miles. Whatever. I had bought tickets in advance, and was prepared for some nonsense with hundreds of weirdos in sheer button ups and show girls and standing in line and on an on. I’m sure a lot of people would be bummed, but I was pleasantly surprised that we were the only customers. This place is on the list because it has an amazing view (below) and was worth the price of admission and the ten dollar beers to sit on the deck and check out the strip from the 55th floor.




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