101. Cooter Brown’s, New Orleans, LA

1 10 2012

I never really do too much research before going somewhere that’s on the list. It seems to sort of color the experience – and that’s not the point. I want it to be the most genuine experience possible, as if I just stumbled on a place. For the most part that works pretty well, but sometimes you walk into an experience you’re not quite ready for. This was that kind of experience. Basically Cooter Brown’s is a sports bar, and if you happen to wander in there on the night of a game, you’ll find a lot of college kids sitting around empty pitchers yelling at the huge televisions. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but we’re going for an experience here right? Good news is: the beer was good and so was the food. We had some legit cajun food, and stood for a while and checked the place out. This place was not my favorite on the list (it is 101 out of 125 though) but I’m glad I went. It’s always cool to sort of walk into a world you didn’t know existed and experience that for a while. A New Orleans neighborhood sports bar was not on the top of my list, but if the raw bar was open I might have been more into it. Worth a visit anyway. It was kind of dark in there, so I included a picture of myself on a swamp boat instead. Now THAT was fun!




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