70. d.b.a.

10 06 2011

Well you win some you lose some. Feedback on this place is mostly bad. Bad service, snotty bartenders, everyone hates it. Honestly I kind of liked it. It’s a pub, which means less bartenders and more relaxed service. If you need a quick Budweiser maybe try somewhere else. If you’re down to chill and have a couple beers you’re probably in good shape here. Maybe I was sort of expecting it because I read the reviews, but I wasn’t offended by the service. Here’s what I will say about the place: they have an excellent beer selection. Usually when you go to a beer spot you can tell what the person who picks the taps likes to drink, or what they think will sell. This place had one of the broadest and most mature beer selections I’ve ever seen. I sounded like an idiot right there huh? “Mature beer selection?” Sorry. All I’m saying is that if you like IPA’s, they have a GOOD IPA, and if you like pilsner they have a GOOD pilsner, and so on. Sometimes its tough to go to a place with good beer if you’re with someone who doesn’t really drink a lot of beer because they aren’t going to appreciate a craft beer. At d.b.a. you can find a cider or American style lager for those types – and get yourself something fun. Here’s the other thing, if you’re in NYC grab a slice, take the ferry to Staten Island for a free look at the Statue of Liberty, get a slice and take a photo in Times Square. You’ll be having fun and your feet will hurt – you’ll be able to chill for a minute and wait for the bartender to get to you.




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