34. Spuyten Duyvil

10 06 2011

This place is awesome. Now I can tell the difference between an IPA and a weiss beer (right, not that impressive), but I don’t really consider myself super knowledgeable about beer. One thing though, since I started knocking places off this list I’ve had the opportunity to drink a lot of different and interesting beers. I’ve drank beer on a few continents and in more than a few countries, and I always make a point to try and drink what the locals are drinking the way the locals drink it. I’m mostly successful, Dublin was an exception – but who can keep up with them anyway? So while I’m no connoisseur, for the most part I consider myself pretty aware of the different tastes and forms beer can take (though black pilsner took me by surprise). This place was one surprise after the next. I had only heard of maybe three or four of the breweries they had, and from those breweries they offered only the most obscure beer made. I love to try new beer, and I was a little stressed that of the hundreds of beers they had I had barely tasted ANY of them! I restricted myself to the beers on tap, and was pleasantly surprised to taste beers very different from anything I’ve ever had. The site says “Rare and Obscure.” Success! Now keep in mind this is a beer drinkers bar, and you better head in there with an open mind and a plan to try something new. We also went across the street to Fette Sau and had some incredible BBQ. If you make it to Spuyten Duyvil you’re guaranteed an experience. If you’ve never been to Williamsburg that alone is worth a trip, if you’re into beer, that’s worth it too, if you just want some good food – it’s worth heading there for that. Good luck picking a beer, and good luck pronouncing the name.




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