122. 5 Seasons Brewing, Atlanta, GA

30 01 2011

I was in Atlanta with my family in January of 2011. We went for work but naturally made some time for good food and good drink. Atlanta had gotten 6 or so inches of snow a few days before we arrived. No big deal in the northeast, but in a city with three plows it was a disaster. Schools closed for days, entire portions of the city were declared impassible, and the collective good natured southerners were left speechless and confused, putting sand with no salt on their sidewalks and creating virtual beach scenes at every intersection. We hopped into a cab to get the 4 miles from our hotel to the restaurant, but due to weather related detours, a driver who was at his first day at work, and failed gps from US Cellular (thanks!) it took us close to an hour. All 82 pounds of my sister were making life miserable for everyone with non-stop complaining and threats to literally starve TO DEATH on the spot. We eventually arrived unscathed and were seated next to a table of no less than 10 children aged 3-6 who were out of the house for the first time in 5 days, and expending their energy all over the restaurant while their parents sat obliviously at the next table,  – no doubt shell shocked themselves from the previous days torture. The chaos cured my sister, but not before I ordered her a pretzel, which she canceled and then got upset when it did not arrive. All is forgiven! I have learned my lesson to always carry snacks and pack lightly (my sister will need help with her large bag) when traveling with the family. Honestly it wasn’t that bad. The food is delicious and local whenever possible. Can’t beat that!




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