106. Brick Store Pub, Decatur, GA

30 01 2011

The Brick Store Pub is the kind of place you’d love to have in your neighborhood. Super reasonable prices, friendly waitstaff, and a ridiculous amount of amazing beer. We ate in the “Belgian Room” with over 120 bottles. Amazing! The atmosphere made me feel like I had come home. It just feels good in there, lots of dark wood. Feels like how I imagine a Captains quarters on a ship in the 1800’s felt. I went with my brother, sister, and parents on a rare family trip to Atlanta. The stand out memory from the night is not from the Brick Store, but from the place my brother and I went afterward. I got a phone call and left the bar at like midnight, and when I went back in I couldn’t find my brother. No big deal, I figured he’d moved on. So I went back to the hotel. He wasn’t back the next morning when I woke up. After a while I was convinced that dinner at the Brick Store was the “last summer” for GP, but he showed up relatively unscathed at 11:30AM, just in time to head to the airport. If you’re ever in Atlanta, the Brick Store Pub is only ten or fifteen minutes from downtown, and well worth the drive. Drink good beer!




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