57. Andechs Monastery, Andechs, Germany

12 11 2010

First we went to Dachau. I had no interest. I took a class in college on the Holocaust, and it was miserable. Not much interest in seeing it first hand. Adam wanted to go though, and we were driving right by, so we went. Everyone will tell you different things about visiting a concentration camp so I’m not going to bother throwing my two cents in there. I’ll just say if you’re a history buff or anywhere near one you should probably just go. Kind of like being in Niagara New York, you should probably stop by the falls even if you’re not particularly interested. You’re bound to be effected. After Dachau we went to McDonald’s. I don’t know why, I don’t even eat McDonald’s when I’m in the US, but we went. I even think it was my idea. We climbed the holy mountain and I ate pig knuckles. We also had some cheese and a giant pretzel. And obviously giant beers. We weren’t very hungry since we’d eaten at McDonald’s like idiots, but we toughed it out. The church was impressive, I can’t imagine climbing that hill with all the stuff it took to build the place. We bought some beer steins and climbed back down the holy mountain. There was a sign in the bathroom that said “puke and rally” or something like that. Bizarre. We had reservations at a place that was supposed to be like 15 minutes away. We plugged it into our gps – which was a bit of a challenge. I think the problem was changing it to English meant we missed some letters from the German alphabet which made it tough to put in addresses correctly. I had the bright idea of putting in the latitude and longitude – which is the same in any language. Only we wound up driving for thirty five minutes and arriving at a dirt crossroads in the middle of a field. Our hotel was not there. We drove around, crashed a Bavarian wedding, had someone German plug in the correct address on the GPS (which in our defense was tough for them too and for whatever reason required a road atlas). We arrived at The Pilsenhof at eight or nine at night. We met the owner – who is awesome. The place has been in his family for a few generations and they cook amazing duck. We drank more beer and ate our third dinner of the day. In my life I have never eaten as much in one day as I did on this particular day in Germany. 




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