16. Seats on top of the Green Monster in Fenway Park, Boston, MA

2 11 2010

I don’t care about baseball at all. I’ve never watched a whole game in my life. When I was younger I played little league and it was a horrible experience. I got one hit in two years, it was a foul ball and it got caught. Just not my thing. I just kind of missed that whole part of being American. I wasn’t much better at basketball, and I thought I was pretty good at soccer but The Turk recently informed me that I wasn’t. So anyway good for me, I went skateboarding instead and that worked out pretty good. I went to a Red Sox game because I got tickets for free and it’s on the list. I have to be honest I had a good time. I didn’t go with an attitude or anything, I’m not carrying around grudges from fifth grade, but I was surprised how much fun it was. I get why people are into baseball, well, maybe not the game, but the whole experience. Maybe there’s a life lesson in there, if millions of people are into something it’s probably not completely worthless. I won’t be getting season tickets or anything any time soon, but maybe I grew as a person or something. Tear.




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