88. Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern, Monroe, WI

1 11 2010

This one probably sealed the deal for me. My father and I were flying to get a truck for work (like a lot of the places on the list) and our flight from Chicago got canceled. We rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Milwaukee. From there we picked up the truck and drove two hours out of the way (in a snow storm) to check this place out. I didn’t mention to my father that we were going this far out of the way, but at that point I was driving the car with the gps and he was following in the truck. I just figured that I might never get that close again you know? anyway it was worth it. One for the “Experiences” category for sure. We had chili, beer, and cheese and onion sandwiches. The sandwiches we had were made with Limburger cheese, which is made with the same bacteria found on human skin, so it literally smells like dirty feet! First time I’ve ever seen my Dad not be able to finish food because he was grossed out. I’m not saying I loved it, but I loved the experience. Definitely one little corner of the world I would never have ended up in if not for the list! We bought a bunch of beer to bring back, and if you go in there you’ll see our tack on the world map – naturally in Augusta, Maine. As an aside, Monroe is the Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA, and it’s evident in the architecture.




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