116. Anchor Bar, Buffalo, NY

1 11 2010

I don’t really consider myself a wing guy, but eating Buffalo Wings at the place they invented Buffalo Wings is pretty tight. This one falls under the “Experiences” category. This is another one that the locals sort of hate on, but somehow it was pretty full for lunch on a week day in a snow storm. There’s some controversy about whether or not the place is legit or if they stole the idea from someone else. I guess I don’t care much. I went with my Dad. Good time. They have a reasonably good beer selection too. If in Buffalo, why not?UPDATE………We bought another truck for the company and Joe and I flew out to Milwaukee and drove it back. On the way we stopped at a few places, including the Anchor Bar. I had wings and we drank McSorley’s on tap. It was game night and the place was absolutely packed. Somehow when I was there before I missed how awesome the bar was, motorcycles everywhere. Anyway, this place is amazing. Weird how the experience can change just from day to day. Don’t miss it!





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