15. Cat’s Eys Pub, Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD

26 10 2010

Ahhh Baltimore. My good friend Gary Smith is a Baltimore native, and over the past 15+ years I’ve gone there frequently to visit him. I have lots of good memories of Baltimore. I met Gary when I was 18 in Portugal, we were fast friends and enjoyed a couple of glasses of Port wine together on the beach. A very bro-mantic start to a long friendship. Skateboarding has always been the tie that binds and it’s a strong bond. I can remember Gary’s nephew trying to chug a gallon of milk, playing pool at Mothers, being scared of getting killed constantly, and stacking footage. We went to Cat’s Eye Pub for lunch one day when I was in town for Gary and his lovely wife Tricia’s wedding. That’s them in the picture! Tricia isn’t much of a craft beer drinker, and they didn’t have food, but they were good sports about me crossing one off the list. Fells Point is definitely one of the must-visits on the East Coast. Baltimore Maryland, or Bodymore Murderland as the locals call it can be pretty hood, but the Inner Harbor is a relatively safe Historic Downtown. Cat’s Eye Pub is a neighborhood bar whose website features the memorials of the locals. This is a great place for a beer, but head to Brewer’s Art if you’re looking for a meal!




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