41. Blues Bar, Stone Town, Zanzibar

22 10 2010

The Blues Bar is closed. I knew it was closed and went to Tanzania anyway. We went to Stone Town and stumbled on The Africa House. That’s the new #41 kid. A few days later on safari a guy who lives in Stone Town heard we went there for a beer and said “well I hope you went to The Africa House,” so I guess we hit the mark. We climbed up the fire escape and went in through the emergency exit. The plan for the trip was to make decisions based on what was the most sketchy. In the front door or up the fire escape? Fire escape is more sketchy so that’s the way we went. It never let us down the whole trip. Well, never let me down, Todd’s wallet is another story. The view of the Indian Ocean is the reason this is the place to be, and it’s a little bit of serenity in a really hectic town. I felt a little bit like Indiana Jones might be sitting at the next table. We drank a couple of beers and then spent a few hours wandering around Stone Town. It’s easy to get lost, and I would recommend it. There’s loads of shops, the sidewalks are narrow and the famous doors are worth a look. Todd and Adam both bought paintings and we walked by a window that had a couple of guys carving things inside. They invited us in so we circled around the building. One of the most bizarre moments of my life, we entered through a bakery. There were eight or ten guys in there baking bread. It was a primitive operation, wood fired stove, no electricity. We cut through the bakery and found the guys in the back room. Their english wasn’t very good, but what they were making with crude hand tools was nothing short of remarkable. It felt like we were in a time warp. On the way out of town we bought a couple of six packs of local beer (not as easy as you’d think) and headed out. If not for this list I probably never would have been to Africa and probably would never know about Zanzibar.  I guess the reason to travel isn’t really to see the sites but to see how other people live. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of old churches, and we’ve seen plenty of photos of the Eiffel Tower, what we really need to see up close is what’s going on around those things. Zanzibar was an experience I will never forget. The list is just an excuse, it’s a destination. This trip was the best thing ever, so many experiences that I’ll never forget.  Oh yeah, and we went on a safari and there were elephants an lions everywhere.




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